Thursday, January 21, 2010

Teen Stuff

Does Seventeen Magazine still publish fiction? Anyway, they did back in the 1990s when I did this full-page illustration
(top) for a (what else?) coming-of-age story about a girl dealing with her divorced mom (who was romancing a shoe salesman) and her brother (who was benefitting financially from sucking up to their mom's new boyfriend). (See -- now it makes sense... right??).

I actually did a bunch of illustrations for Seventeen back in those days. Articles about embarrassing moms, articles about embarrassing dads, articles about getting busted by the cops (!). I also did work for Seventeen's then-big-rival Sassy. The one shown here is for a story about a Summer Camp romance.

The last picture in this group was for The Washington Post's Sunday Magazine. It was for an article following teens who were learning to drive. I thought it kind of fit the theme here...


  1. Nice stuff, Richard!

    PS: I don't think anyone publishes fiction any longer, unless one counts books by politicians.

  2. Really great stuff! Thanks for posting it.