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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Publisher's Weekly Reviews THE HIDDEN


"An unnamed man dreams of a monster. Moments later, the world ends in nightmarish fashion, and the man flees the remains of civilization to hide in a cave, all the while saying, “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” Thus begins this new book by cartoonist and illustrator Sala...  Sala’s work is like a fusion of HergĂ© and Charles Addams, yielding a simple, cartoon-like style that makes his moments of gothic horror all the more disturbing... Taken as a whole... this is a beautifully pulpy and incredibly imaginative book that gives a fresh spin on a well-used set-up." 

Saturday, September 24, 2011

THE HIDDEN - Review Round-up

I really liked the following short but funny review from the site "Four Colours & The Truth":

The Hidden by Richard Sala
Holy crap. If you can find a creepier, more spine-tingling comic book story this year I’ll come over and mow your lawn*. I’ve never read a Sala story before, and I can’t believe what I’ve been missing. Sala’s expressive art perfectly accentuates the terrible sadness of the post-apocalyptic Frankenstein update he’s telling here. If you’re in the mind for great, beautifully drawn horror, this is your book.
*Offer only good  to people who live in my condo.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Review of THE HIDDEN

During the time I've been knocked off the internet (as mentioned in a previous post - and I'm still trying to fix the situation), a book I worked on for over a year appeared in stores.  I missed being able to do much pre-release promotion online (not that I'm too good at that anyway), so I feel I have let down the book (and my publisher) a bit.  However, I do have some interview requests to catch up with, so those should appear eventually, and several reviews have appeared.

Here is the latest review -- I'm grateful to the writer R.J. Ryan for such an insightful and thoughtful look at the book:

THE HIDDEN reviewed at Comics Bulletin

Sunday, September 18, 2011

From Beyond

A brief "hello" from the borderlands of the internet. I have been gone from the web for some time now & although I am finally "hooked up" again, I am not yet fully "back". Part of me is still stuck in that place beyond these things. I hope to rejoin all of my internet friends again before long.

Over the last few weeks I have more than once encountered notions which rise up from the deepest, darkest corners of the brain - where the primal fears and superstitions live - wondering if perhaps my difficulty getting "back" has some cosmic significance, some reason (either sadistic or benign).

One begins to think late night thoughts during the middle of the day:  Am I being punished for my hubris or other failings?  Or is it some form of heavenly "self-help" program designed to make me "kick" the internet habit?  And (believe me) those are just the tip of the neurotic musings iceberg.

Some of you will know what I mean.  You may have had nights where you can almost make out the outline of the hand of the universe as it holds you down, preventing you from moving in any direction at all except further back.  Or those days where every one step forward is followed by three steps back.

Sometimes all one needs to "snap out of it" are the level-headed, reassuring words of a rational friend (when you can find one).  Perhaps there is a way back.  If only I'd remembered to leave a trail of bread crumbs...

In the meantime, while I'm still in a sort of limbo (that is, not 100% back on-line), here is a nice review of my new book The Hidden from the wonderful AV Club:

AV CLUB review

And many apologies to the kind folks who have tried to contact me for one reason or another in the last few weeks.  I am still trying to catch up. The wonderful Jacq Cohen at Fantagraphics Books has been really terrific in keeping some of you informed of my availability or contact information.  Speaking of which -- I have added a new email address at the top of this page.  The old one still works (for now), but this new one is better (also, for now).  And of course all letters are always welcome.

Thanks to those of you who have been checking back here for updates -- I really appreciate it and I'm sorry to have kept anyone waiting.  I  have missed posting work here and on my new tumblr.  I look forward to getting back to doing that soon.  In the meantime, some of you might like to know that I will continue to post work for sale here:

Artwork for sale

Well, I must sign off now.  I hope to be back online again before much longer -- I mean, I have to believe I can get back eventually, that a solution exists.  Until then, my very best wishes to you. 

Sunday, September 4, 2011


A note to loyal readers and other interested parties:

I am currently off the internet and without easy access to email.  This grim situation will likely continue for another week or two.  

If anyone out there needs to reach me before I return online, please contact my publisher, Fantagraphics Books.  They are good at tracking me down.

If you have recently written to me or purchased art, the situation should be resolved soon, and I will get in touch as soon as I can.  I appreciate your  patience and understanding until then.

Thanks everyone ~ Richard

THE HIDDEN Reviewed on Omnivoracious!

Thanks to Omnivoracious for the nice review of THE HIDDEN (along with Brian Ralph's equally apocalyptic graphic novel DAYBREAK):

Omnivoracious: Graphic Novel Friday: Apoca-Lit