Thursday, October 17, 2013

Halloween Hang-Ups!

Halloween Alert!  Attention!  Are you one of the approximately FIFTY PEOPLE who own a set of HALLOWEEN HANG-UPS?  The set of three hand-silk-screened, hand-cut-out and hand-packaged Halloween decorations that were created specially for my Halloween art exhibit in 1994?  If not, here is your chance to purchase a set.  I have two (2) left -- after that they are gone forever and you'll have to look for them on eBay and then you won't have one with a SIGNED header card, which I will provide.  I will also provide extra Halloween gifts and surprises!  Interested in owning one?  Here's how:  Go to the Comic Art Collective
 Comic Art Collective - Richard Sala - Halloween Hang-Ups - 3 Silk-Screen Prints Original comic art from top artists
and click "buy" and shortly you will hear from me privately with my secret and intimate purchase instructions (i.e. my paypal address).  Thank you for reading all this!  (End of advertisement).  PS -- I have two sets - so if one sells, by the grace of the Pumpkin God, I will put the other one up as soon as I can.
This is the third silk-screen print included in the set (sorry for the blurry photo!)