Friday, January 16, 2015


"There’s a whole book to be written about the subtexts and obsessions of Richard Sala’s stories, but there’s also a chapter to be written about his storytelling approach in this book, an ever-accruing pile of details that always threaten to collapse, Jenga-style, but instead wobble in the most delightful and charming ways. Sala is a master at throwing one scene after the next into his stories that build reader empathy and interest in the characters and events that he portrays, causing us to care about even minor characters through clever bits of small characterization or behavior." ~ from a very kind review of In A Glass Grotesquely by Comics Bulletin.

My books don't get reviewed by the comics press all that often, so it's nice that if/when they do it's by someone who really likes them, like this very nice review from Comics Bulletin. Each individual reader seems to pick out or choose certain elements of my work that appeal to them -- mostly things I have no control over, thanks to my pesky id/unconscious, which I let have free rein over my stories -- and so it's interesting for me to find out what things stood out for a particular reader. I'm just glad that they like them at all! As for analyzing my subtexts and obsessions, that will probably be the kind of thing someone will do long after I'm gone - fortunately!

Review: Richard Sala's 'In a Glass Grotesquely' is Superbly Strange - Comics Bulletin

Sunday, January 4, 2015

IN A GLASS GROTESQUELY On List of "5 Brilliant Graphic Novels of 2014"

Many thanks to The Nerdist for including In A Glass Grotesquely on their list of “5 Brilliant Original Graphic Novels from 2014”!  It’s nice to be noticed and flattering to be included in such great company!
Year in Review: 5 Brilliant Original Graphic Novels from 2014 « Nerdist