Tuesday, February 23, 2016

New web-comic THE BLOODY CARDINAL debuts!

DEBUT: My new on-going web-comic serial THE BLOODY CARDINAL begins today.
I will be posting the updates here and on my regular Tumblr. I’ll post two to four pages at a time, once or twice a week. 
But you can also read the first 14 pages from the beginning right now on the THE BLOODY CARDINAL site in web-comic format:

The first 14 pages includes the entire PART ONE - which is the depiction of excerpts from a diary, plus the first two pages of PART TWO,  where story begins in earnest in comic strip format. The web-comic format is one page at a time, with clicking forward or back. While here you can scroll through them as usual.

The story is about a missing (and possibly dead) super criminal who has left his mad ramblings in a diary, which also contains secrets which are highly sought after by certain dangerous and nasty types. I  promise it will all “make sense” eventually (more or less) - unless I’m hit by a bus before I can finish it. In that case, feel free to make up your own ending! And thanks to all my loyal readers who made it this far and a special thanks to those who have bought my books!

(Please note: due to someone having already trademarked my original title “The Cardinal” for their superhero character, this story (about a master criminal who may or may not be dead) is now called THE BLOODY CARDINAL. You may have to update your bookmarks and I may need to do some additional tweaking to some pages already posted. Thanks to all my loyal readers for your patience!)