Wednesday, August 19, 2015


I did this strip as a tribute to the girl sleuth/Nancy Drew character (which I grew up being very fond of -- there was a large collection of Nancy Drew and similar books in our house, owned by my siblings). It was just a one-shot, just a lark. It was before other "re-imaginings" like "Veronica Mars" or whatever, came along. My "interpretation" of the girl sleuth character was that she would have to be a little bit crazy and obsessive. (Looking back, this is kind of her “origin story.”).

Then the art was hanging in a comic art show in San Francisco and at the opening, my friend Randall Ann was reading it on the wall. I walked up to her and she turned to me and said "I want to read more about Judy Drood!" And that was all it took. I wrote two books with Judy - Mad Night and The Grave Robber's Daughter. Sometimes you just need someone to ask you.


  1. I still want even more Judy Drood!

  2. I love how each panel takes a darker and darker turn. That panel with the secret laboratory is great.

    On a side topic, I see that is no longer yours. Your blogs are great but one thing I used to do at the site was look at the Peculia and Chuckling Whatsit animations. I was able to nab the Peculia one but I'd love to see the old Chuckling Whatsit animation again. Do you still have a copy of it?

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