Thursday, June 11, 2015

NIGHT DRIVE ~ 30 Year Anniversary!

THIRTY YEARS AGO ~ This month ~ June 1985 ~ my first comic magazine (self-published, 400 copies) got a mention in Heavy Metal magazine (by the great Bhob Stewart), which led to orders from all over the world. The fact that I shared the page with immortal comics geniuses Drew Friedman and Gilbert Hernandez made it all the more flattering and humbling. Night Drive also led to me getting on MTV's Liquid Television and being published by many of the best comics publishers. This kind mention was my first real debut in the public eye and I'm forever grateful to Bhob for making me feel legitimate!  

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  1. Your early work is indeed extraordinary. These kafkaesque vignettes told through the lens of American pulp fiction and depicted in expressionistic caricatures may not be as polished as later works(Chuckling Whatsit, Mad Night, The Hidden), but I think they're the most atmospheric and emotionally engaging stuff you've ever done.
    I've wanted to read Night Drive for about eight years. Will you please post some more pictures?