Tuesday, March 24, 2015

ANNOUNCING: VIOLENT GIRLS - Limited edition set of 44 high quality prints - AVAILABLE NOW!


VIOLENT GIRLS ~ A set of 44 full color high quality action portraits, lovingly inspired by the dangerous females who have populated pulp fiction and B-movies throughout the history of popular culture —blazing their way through every kind of genre, potboiler, cliffhanger, and fever dream imaginable. 

Each print in this thick set is 9" x 7" and on sturdy archival matte paper that accurately captures the look of the original watercolor art. The set has been created with the utmost care in a "pad folio" format, meaning you may either keep the set in it's handsome book form and place it on your bookshelf, or you may detach any or all prints you wish (pages can be removed cleanly with no tears or mess) and hang them on your wall.  Printed by Jonathan Barli of Rosebud Archives.  Set design by Jacob Covey.

AVAILABLE NOW exclusively from Fantagraphics Underground Press. Signed and numbered in a strictly limited edition of 250.  There will be NO MORE once these are gone.  Only $35.00 each!

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  1. Richard,

    I got my copy in the mail yesterday and it is wonderful. There is something about having them in front of me, as opposed to seeing them on your tumblr, that makes them better. Thanks for putting this out. I hope that you can do more of these or similar projects.