Wednesday, November 20, 2013

V-Day is Here! VIOLENZIA!

VIOLENZIA is here!

Violenzia - Comics by comiXology

Go there to purchase or see more preview pages!

"Let there be no forgiveness or mercy, for they have shown none."


  1. Bought and read it yesterday. I love how you always suggest a larger back story that at some level we already know at a subconscious level from all of the hours watching genre media. It is not a criticism to say that I would love to see that back story shown. I would love to see an Evil Eye prequel showing how the pirate girl crew was "recruited, though my interest may not be purely literary. Please keep producing your art.

  2. I purchase everything you do as it comes out, and would definitely buy this if there were a print version, but I just can't reconcile myself to buying e-books. Any chance you'll be doing a couple more of these short works for Fantagraphics to bundle together in print? I just hate to see a favourite creator moving away from print...

  3. Good news! A print version is coming November 2015 from Fantagraphics Books! The book VIOLENZIA ~ And Other Deadly Amusements will feature the complete uncut Violenzia story, PLUS a second Violenzia story and more! 144 Pages in full color!