Tuesday, April 23, 2013

VIOLENT GIRLS ~ Series Two ~ Part Two

Slippery Scuba Diver

Fanatical Cult Priestess


  1. Cool. Simple style yet delivered with lots of personality. How about a female ninja in a Diabolik outfit?

  2. Thanks James! That's a great idea -- maybe for series 3 (if there is one?). ~ RS_

  3. The universe demands it. You can't say no to the universe. Are these going to available for purchase in some format? The cat-burglar on Tumblr really caught my eye. If you do do a third set and by some cruel twist of fate are running low on ideas, here are some alliterated alternatives (I think we can agree you're way overdue for a mime holding a pointy object):

    Backstabbing Bunny Girl
    Belligerent Bee Girl
    Bonkers Bookworm
    Conniving Clown
    Cunning Cat Girl
    Devious Devil Girl
    Furious Fox Girl
    Hateful Headmistress
    Haunted Heroine
    Heckling Harlequin
    Heinous Henchgirl
    Larcenous Ladybug
    Mischievous Mouse Girl
    Murderous Mime
    Naughty Ninja Girl
    Notorious Nun
    Pernicious Puzzle Girl
    Recalcitrant Rat Girl
    Rollicking Revolutionary
    Salacious Sweater Girl
    Stealthy Sneak-Thief
    Sulking Sidekick
    Sultry Schemer
    Villainous Vixen
    Vindictive Vigilante
    Yearning/Yammering Yoga Instructor

  4. Antisocial Acrobat
    Cold-Blooded Commander
    Devastating Duelist
    Ecstatic Executioner
    Garrulous Geisha
    Irascible Instigator
    Jaded, Jilted Jester
    Jealous Juggler
    Killer Karate Girl
    Macabre Maid
    Malevolent Mascot
    Malicious Martial Artist
    Malign Musketeer
    Petulant Prankster
    Sinister spy
    Silent Strangler/Stalker
    Treacherous Toreador
    Unstable Usherette
    Wicked Wallcrawler
    Zealous Zookeeper

  5. Thanks, James! I'd like to see some of those myself! I'll definitely credit you if I use any of them! -- RS

  6. Groovy. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with. If you did one for every letter of the alphabet, you could turn it into an ABC book. "A is for Acrobat who gave her partner the ax/B is for the Bee-Girl who poisoned the snacks. C is for Cat-Girl who prowls the dark night/D is for Devil-Girl who gives children a fright (or D is for the Duelist who put up a fight)." It practically writes itself. Hope to see a Cat Burglar Black sequel someday and the return of Phoebe Duprey. Anything's possible, right?