Monday, May 21, 2012


6. Nellie Kelly
7. Herr Schpook
8. Colleen Z.

6. Nellie Kelly

Nellie is a troubled girl who lives in the rundown village of Obidiah's Glen.
After her father, an unsavory scoundrel, attempts to violate the grave of a witch, a series of events transpire leading to the destruction of the town by a supernatural army of zombie clowns.
On her own and in hiding, Nellie gets some assistance from stranded motorist (and "girl detective") Judy Drood, before the witch reappears and offers Nellie the ultimate revenge.

7. Herr Schpook

Shadowy figure with a mysterious past, whose secrets are known only to his obsequious underling, Klaus Bindle.
Bindle reveals to "girl detective" Judy Drood, that Herr Schpook comes from "the old country" where he may or may not be wanted for certain notorious war crimes.  He eventually ends up in a small college town in the US, living in the back of a costume shop where he spends his time spying through peepholes, scheming, snooping, worrying about busy bodies and berating his obsequious underling. 

8. Colleen Z.

Colleen is a normal college student who is thrown into an extraordinary and terrifying situation - nothing less than the end of the world as we know it.
When mankind is attacked and nearly destroyed by grotesque creatures calling themselves "The New People," Colleen - facing horrors beyond her worst nightmares - rises to the occasion and survives, heroically persevering, even when all seems lost.  (See THE HIDDEN).
After the events chronicled in THE HIDDEN take place, she makes an uneasy alliance with the man who is actually to blame for the worldwide disaster, Victor Frankenstein.  Although she secretly plans to kill him when the moment is right, the two rely on each other to survive in the desolate "New World" and have a number of adventures together.
At one point they learn that Victor's creation, also named "Frankenstein," had been attempting to build a time machine - and they wonder if this could be the key to humanity's salvation.

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  1. Gorgeous work on Herr Schpook! I can really see the Dick Tracy influence here. Your work has inspired me to go back and read Chester Gould's Pruneface era stuff. I'm loving this series and am excited to see what shows up next.