Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dogs and Our Id ~

Here is a comic strip done for the late lamented "Special Report" ~ one of a series of oversized, glossy magazines created and published by Whittle Communications (the remarkable and generous cash cow for many an illustrator back in the 1990s).  Whittle was known for (among other things) their magazines that were created especially to be placed in doctors' waiting rooms.  Don't laugh - it was a great idea! 
Anyway, for this assignment, I was given excerpts of the book and asked to create a light-hearted comic strip, which I attempted to do.  It was published as a double-page spread. 
 I parted long ago with the original art, so these scans are from the actual printed pages.  I'm not crazy about the reproduction -- the main problem, in that pre-digital, era was that the reds and yellows I used often came out way too harsh - heavy and dark - and this is the case here.  But, it's okay, I guess, not a disaster or anything as some of my earlier printed illustrations were...
  Anyway, in my family we always had dogs when I was growing up and I always loved drawing them -  so it was a fun job.

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