Saturday, June 11, 2011


From top to bottom:

1) Phantasma
2) Phillipa Knicely, Telekinetic Teenager, Faces a Gathering of Evil
3) The Secret Sleuth Patrol in the Hidden Lair of Dr. Zarko's Zombies
4) Night People

Working on ideas for stories or new books is always fun.  But because the process of creating a graphic novel can be so time-consuming, choices must be made and there are lots of ideas that must be set aside. Sometimes working on story ideas can be a way to indulge one's fondness for certain types of stories that one might like to do, if only there were time -- some light-hearted, some darker.  The first three images are examples of this.

The top two images are samples of concept art for possible future stories - done to help visualize the story and characters.  The third drawing was a commission (a good example of the kind I enjoy doing) that certainly could be turned into a story -- perhaps a sort of "Scooby Doo Meets Lucio Fulci" thing... maybe?  It would be fun to try anyway...

The last image shows a group of characters inspired by a book of short stories called "A Loud Humming Sound Came From Above" by Johnny Strike.  The art was used for the cover of the book - and I did some interior illustrations for it as well.

As always, some of the art featured on this blog can be found here --
Comic Art Collective - Art by Richard Sala - Original comic art from top artists

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