Wednesday, March 30, 2011

(New) Odds & Ends

1) Concept art for potential sequel to Cat Burglar Black: Never steal from a haunted house!

I've been mulling over a couple of different ideas for a possible sequel to CBB. I own the characters and am free to choose another publisher for any sequel(s). Right now I'd like to do something a bit more light-hearted -- particularly after the original CBB, Delphine and The Hidden (due this summer), all of which were relatively heavier than a lot of my earlier stories.

2) Finally had a chance to finish up some leftover portraits from last October's UNMASKED series. (I did about 100 thumbnails which got reduced to about sixty drawings; Then I did a bunch that didn't work - those got tossed; Then there were some I started but abandoned for some reason - like these four which I recently finished up. If I ever do an official collection of all the UNMASKED portraits, these will most likely be in it after all... ) In descending order: Midnight Visitor, Mad Devil, Fungus Face, Smiler.

These and more recently added to


  1. a theft-gone wrong at a haunted house- brilliant! i'm ready :)

  2. Me too! Very eager for part 2 (of many) of CBB

  3. and i LOVE LOVE the image of the cat burglar w ghoul! You have such a way with character, composition, and color.
    -Jason (Spy Vibe)