Sunday, October 3, 2010

Unmasked - An October Gallery - #1

This is my humble offering for October/Halloween 2010 ~~ A portrait gallery. An Unmasquerade...

What's behind the masks you see every day? Behind the masks of your neighbors & co-workers? Of the people you pass by on your way to work? Of your teachers, your classmates? Of the politicians & pundits? The banker at his desk & the cop on the street? The smiling businessmen, the doctors & lawyers? The trusted members of the church & military? The loved ones you think you know so well? That stranger coming up the walkway... peering in your window... knocking on your door?

That face in the mirror?

Over 31 ghoulish portraits, with a new gallery added every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Happy Halloween!


  1. i like all of these very much...but i was staring here at the wolf-man realizing i especially like monsters who look a little worried.

  2. ditto what natasha said! love the sideways glance...
    ps: not that you take requests, but any chance of a monster with Buddy Holly-style glasses?