Monday, September 27, 2010

More art from "Invisible Hands"

As promised (threatened?) in my last post, here is more of the art I created for the animated version of "Invisible Hands".

From top to bottom:

- A panel from the original comic, as it appeared in Night Drive.

- Scene from the Voss & Crawley Bait & Tackle Shop, showing the three separate layers - foreground, middle and background.

- Three sets of various drawings of characters & objects used in the final animation.

More to come!

(note: Animated version of "Invisible Hands" is copyright MTV & Colossal Pictures. Print version of "Invisible Hands" is copyright Richard Sala)


  1. That top frame with Weasel saying "Murder" was probably my favorite moment in the show. I loved the echo on his voice. It made the scene menacing in an old fashioned creepy noir sort of way.

  2. When Weasel said "I've come back," I knew there was something very weird about this cartoon. Weird is good.