Monday, August 30, 2010

Behind That Curtain

Someday, eventually, hopefully, maybe, one day I will put together a little book of all the extra Peculia art I've done, outside of her two books. I have a bunch by this point (mostly in the form of scans since I've sold most of original art over the years). Basically, I was having so much fun back when I had my comic book series Evil Eye, that I made scores of cover sketches or thumbnail ideas -- enough for, like, a 100 issues. (I mean, I wasn't so naive that I thought the series might actually last more than a dozen issues or so - I just enjoyed drawing the character confronting all sorts of creeps, monsters & various bothersome pests). So - anyway - now and then, just to please myself if no one else, I like to get out my old notebooks and bring one or more of those sketches to "life" in a finished drawing. A couple showed up not long ago in the Coniglio Editore edition of PECULIA from Italy, in an extra gallery section. Here's a fairly recent example I did while waiting for some other artwork to dry (I find I can start to go crazy waiting for paint to dry, so I need to work on something else to keep my hands busy & distract myself!)... It's Peculia meeting a professor of Lycanthropic studies, who presumably fancies her as a test subject. Naturally, she's not crazy about the idea. I've made my scans, so the original art is now available over at the Comic Art Collective, for anyone who may be interested.

I've added the following pieces to the CAC as well. I'm putting up for sale the only two uncut versions of the Halloween Hang-Ups 3-color silkscreens in existence. The others were all cut out, packaged and sold as sets at a gallery show way back in 1994. These two are uncut and were professionally mounted, measuring 14" x 18" and signed as part of another show several years later. Each one of these two remaining silk-screens is one of a kind, there are no others like these. They are personal favorites of mine, but with Halloween coming soon, it's a perfect time for them to find a new home.

There is also this large ink drawing called "Home From The War" which appeared in an issue of NOZONE in the early 1990s. Yes, we were in a war back then, too, and politicians, corporations and fat cats were getting rich off it then, too. It's nothing new, it's an old, old story and doesn't seem it will ever change. "When will they ever learn?" indeed...

As always - thanks very much for joining me in my little gallery on the 'net, listening to my stories and looking at my pictures. It means a lot to be able to share them with you.

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  1. "As always - thanks very much for joining me in my little gallery on the 'net, listening to my stories and looking at my pictures. It means a lot to be able to share them with you."

    Well thanks for sharing them. I always enjoyed your style and it's probably the biggest influence of all of the little sketches that fill the borders of my notebooks over the years.

  2. Thanks!

    Any chance for another Peculia trade like Groon Grove Vampires?

  3. Richard, have you ever considered using Amazon's Createspace MOD publishing for a project like the one you describe here? Rick Veitch is blazing trails by releasing his brand new Boy Maximortal and the first new issue of Rarebit Fiends in decades through Createspace: I got them both, and the results are excellent. They're black and white, perfect bound and beautiful, and I would definitely buy art books from you in that format. You should check out what Veitch is doing...