Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Down A Dark Alley, Through The Crooked Shadows...

Some black & white work from the early 1990s. Top to bottom:

"Sherri & The Girls" -- Illustration for a story by the great Josh Alan Friedman (published in an issue of BLAB), 1991.

"Babes On Broadway" -- Another drawing for the same story, same issue of BLAB, 1991.

"Out In The World" -- 1992. Just personal art, which I used for the inside back cover of the paperback version of my book Hypnotic Tales.

"Anxiety Maze" -- 1992. This was also printed in the paperback version of Hypnotic Tales. (Yes, I was working through some issues).

"Night Of The Canary" -- 1993. My love for vintage genre elements had pretty much moved to the foreground by this point. It's my favorite (visual) language... Also, cats and birds, cats and birds, always cats and birds for some reason...

Still wasn't entirely certain about any future doing comics at this point in my life, even though a comic I had self-published a few years earlier led to my "Invisible Hands" on MTV. That was encouraging, but it was only a one time thing. I mainly just liked making pictures. But I also liked writing. And I liked putting them together. So - before I knew it, there were a bunch of graphic novels with my name on them in bookstores...

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  1. These are genius. I love all your stuff, but the early 90s are when I became a fan, so to me these are just quintessential Sala.