Saturday, December 5, 2009

The COMIC BOOK BIN concludes its reviews of the DELPHINE series with a look at the final issue...

Sample quote: "The first two issues of Delphine, Richard Sala’s reinvention of Snow White, were sparkling macabre gems. While the third could also be described as such, it was in the third chapter that the story took a turn into darker territory. It was then that the narrative point of view began to ask questions about the traveler’s relationship with Delphine. The readers only see Delphine as she is related to them by the traveler. He is obsessed with Delphine, and that makes everything about his narration suspect, which keeps the readers unbalanced. The bewildering events of this fourth volume race towards a stunning conclusion, one that is quietly horrifying, yet terrifying in its sadness.

The fourth book is a must for those who have read earlier issues, but it will make the uninitiated really want to read Delphine from the beginning.

Grade: A"

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