Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Omnivoracious Reviews Cat Burglar Black!

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Richard Sala's Cat Burglar Black is a charming and stylish escapade replete with homages to the Nancy Drew series,The Secret Garden, and even, in my opinion, the set-piece capers in the Tintin adventures...

I must admit to having a soft spot for mysteries set in schools--the principal appeal of the first three Harry Potter novels for me--and Sala's taken the best part of such childhood memories as Bugs Bunny or Abbott & Costello creeping through haunted mansions and wedded it to fond-remembered scenes involving the Thompson Twins (not, dear Misguided Ones, the pop band) and even, dare I say it, Scooby Doo...

The mystery is complex and at times devilish. When you've finished, you remember with fondness nights as a child curled up with a book and a hot cocoa on the couch. The book might be aimed at a younger age group, but adults should get a nostalgic smile out of it...

Thank you, Omnivoracious!

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  1. Dear Mister Sala,

    For a while i've been admiring your art and i can't wait to pick up this new title. The style, the mood, the great inks and control in your former titles.. Wonderful! Thanks for all the inspiration.