Saturday, January 22, 2011


Here's one more early strip -- from 1989. This was around the same time I was working on "Invisible Hands," so sharp-eyed readers may notice a certain hairy butler that ended up appearing in both places. He's called "Otto" in "Invisible Hands", and although that name is used in this strip, too, it's for a different character. I remember at the time I had some doubts about whether "Invisible Hands" would ever actually be aired. So I figured, since I liked the way the guy looked, I might as well use him in this strip, too. (It wasn't a matter of laziness, really - I could have easily drawn a different weird butler - I just really liked him!)

Another reason I'm posting the strip here is because it's one of the last (if not the very last) of my strips from this period I have left. It's a strip I've lent out to a few shows over the years. It was handy to have a complete short strip to lend if/when I got asked. But now I've decided to put it up for sale. I'm going to offer the pages for sale individually, but, since it would be nice to keep the all the pages together, I will be happy to offer a discount for purchase of the entire strip. Feel free to email me at the address at the top right of this page if you have any questions about that. Otherwise, I will be placing the pages for sale individually here:

(UPDATE: The strip has been sold)

Thanks again, everyone!

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