Thursday, January 14, 2010


Presented for your inspection -- Three more pictures from the vault...

From top to bottom:
- Art for cover of "Evil Eye" #11
- Art for two-page spread from Steve Nile's DRACULA (Jonathan Harker freaks out)
- "The Pirate's Treasure" featuring the pirate girls from MAD NIGHT, which appeared on the back cover of an issue of "Evil Eye"


  1. Great stuff! Was the Harker freak-out deleted from the final text? I don't recall seeing it in the book. It's wonderful!

  2. The Harker freak-out was indeed in the book. The reproduction wasn't perfect (it rarely is), so many of the two-page spreads seem perhaps a bit less fresh in the printed version, less sharp. That plus the fact that the gutter of the book swallowed up more of the spreads than I anticipated -- and I can see why it may feel like you're seeing it for the first time. Thanks for asking!