Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Another Revised EVIL EYE Cover

Here was how I originally planned the front and back covers of Evil Eye #4 to look.  I had a lot of fun drawing the two recurring "stars" of the book, Peculia and Judy Drood, surrounded by movie monsters from the pages of old issues of Famous Monsters of Filmland.  But - as often happens - I changed my mind.  So -- I used the paintings for back covers instead, as you can see in the proofs below for issues #4 and #5.  
The reason the rejected cover above is numbered 7 is because, in order to show what the finished version might have looked like, I used photoshop to cut & paste the logo and text from the cover of issue #7 (which has a red background that matches that of the rejected cover; I just blended it it in so you can see how the logo and text would have fit).

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