Friday, July 9, 2010

Judy Drood Meets the Occupant of The Well

A gripping (sorry!) sequence from MAD NIGHT...

These pages (and others) are now available for the first time, here: Comic Art Collective - Art by Richard Sala - Original comic art from top artists
(These pages have been sold. Thank you.)


  1. I'm leaving up these pages all day. Beautiful and inspiring.

  2. This is a great little sequence!
    I love this book.

  3. First time visitor and am loving your art. My immediate reaction was "This stuff kind of reminds me of my favorite segment from MTV's old Liquid Television... Invisible Hands!" ;)

  4. amazing! (damn holidays - sometimes)

  5. Whoa, I have a Hypnotic Tales book that I still show to my illo students at MECA, it remains fresh always. I left SF in 92 so we never met, but I've been your fan forever.